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Biggest Wrinkle Myths

The best way to have some sort of control over your skin and wrinkles is to be aware of some of the common myths surrounding wrinkles, fine lines and crepey skin. Wrinkles are an inevitable part of the aging process.

As our bodies age, the fat pads in our faces fall, our skin gets thinner and collagen and elastin break down. The aging process is often accelerated by environmental factors like excessive sun exposure, smoking and poor diet. While wrinkle formation is quite straightforward, there are some myths that should be dispelled in order to have an understanding of how you can treat yoiur skin to ensure it stays healthy, hydrated and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are kept to a minimum.

Waiting to treat wrinkles after they are visible. Prevention, prevention, prevention. You’ve heard prevention is better than the cure? This is true for wrinkles as well. An appropriate skincare routine can slow down the signs of aging and the need for invasive procedures like plastic surgery. Use a high quality skin moisturizer and sunscreen. Add vitamin C to your regimen, and use retinol.

Only wear sunscreen when outdoors for an extended period of time. To fight damage from the sun, wear a good quality sunscreen (at least SPF 30) as a daily habit. When you are outdoors (this means on cloudy days as well) add some extra sun protection to your arsenal: wearing a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and UV protection clothes. 

Your genes determine how quickly you will age. Wrinkles and fine lines are largely influenced by aging and environmental factors. Genes can play a part however daily habits are a larger issue. Exposure to sunlight, poor hydration, smoking and poor diet can exacerbate the wrinkling of your skin, regardless of your genetic makeup.

Facial exercises prevent wrinkles. While certain expressions such as frowning, laughing, squinting or even using a drinking straw frequently can lead to the development of wrinkles. Doing exercises will not prevent wrinkles or fine lines, however minimizing facial expressions can delay the onset of skin creases.

Wrinkle treatments are very expensive. It’s true that invasive methods such as cosmetic surgery, chemical peels and Botox can weigh down the wallet. Not only that, most invasive methods need to be repeated and the healing time can take a long time. Opt for preventative methods instead and develop a treatment plan you can incorporate into your daily routine. Talk to your dermatologist and fomulate a plan that best fits your skin’s needs.