"I have to get something "off my chest"...I recently purchased the Decollette Pad from solutions.blair.com and after only ONE night of using the pad my chest wrinkles dramatically diminished and my skin felt brand new! I am only 45 years old but my extensive, deep chest wrinkles were ruining my life and I felt completely uncomfortable in my own skin. I have NEVER bought a beauty product that actually worked which is why I can’t contain my excitement and endorsement for this product. My husband couldn’t even believe the difference one night made. I have already ordered another as back-up and the facial pads as well. My only regret is that I didn’t take a before picture and now I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THOSE UGLY WRINKLES so unfortunately I will miss out on the free pad offer. I do not understand why this product is not in EVERY beauty store. Thanks again for re-introducing v-necks into my life. I will be recommending this truly remarkable product to all of my friends and family!"

"Brilliant results even after first use . Really pleased as I was resigning myself to scarfs and necklaces. Really amazing product sticks so well and is very comfortable to wear."

“I use this product at night, it is comfortable to wear and I was shocked by the results after one night wearing it. I’m usually very skeptic all of products and their claims and never leave reviews but this is a little gem. I’m 37 and I can only sleep on my side and front and started to notice deep creases on my chest. I thought I would try this product as a long shot but can honestly say it works! I would highly recommend to anyone even if just for an occasional use to smooth your chest it works after one night! Love it!”

“SilcSkin eyepads have saved my eyes from the deep compression wrinkles that I’ve developed over the years by being a stomach sleeper. I’ve tried all the face saving pillows but the eyepads are the only solution I’ve found to really keep compression wrinkles from forming. They hold that area in place while my face is against the pillow and so I wake up with smooth skin. I dont know what I would do without the eyepads!”

"Silcskin is perfect!  It is easy to use, non-invasive and gets results!!  It took a couple of days to get used to the pads on my face but then it was a nonissue.  The lines in my face bothered me but not nearly as much as the bags under my eyes.  Silcskin took care of everything and the change is beautifully subtle and yet obvious to me and I am so happy about it"

"After a week of wearing the Silcskin pads, I noticed a dramatic difference with my fine lines and wrinkles,especially around my eyes, forehead, and chest. They are so easy and convenient to use,and very affordable. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family! One happy customer!!"

"After using the product for just one week, I could already notice a softening of the wrinkles in my brow as well as around my eyes and mouth. Looking forward to seeing the results after continued use. Thank you!"

"You guys are the best. Don’t know what I would do without you. Probably have to get rid of 75% of my closet with open front. I once tried another kind while traveling and it was terrible and left me with a rash exactly the shape of the pad. Never again!"

"Thank you for the information. Yes I saw these knockoffs at the shows as well and I agree they are nothing like your pads. I am trying to get more of my clients to use them."

"Hi! Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your product! I have  been using your chest pad since I was around 44,  I’m now 50 and I do not have a single line on my chest and I used to have deep canyons because I am a side sleeper!"

“SilcSkin products are amazing!  They are easy to use, comfortable, and perform “as advertised”!  As a longtime fan of SilcSkin products (especially the Décolleté pad) I would have said that there was zero room for improvement, yet… they found a way to improve it!  The new storage card is so much easier to work with and so much easier to keep clean!  Thank you so much for your efforts and the improvement to the product storage card.  Thanks!!!”

“Have used the decollette pads for about 2 years now, excellent. What I have also noticed is that if for any reason you forget to put it on at night, if you wear if for an hour or two the next morning you can still get excellent results.”