As you may have noted, there’s several companies out there who sell anti-wrinkle products, and because of this, we’ve had customers who have asked us what our pads are made of. We understand your concern. With spiralling costs of local manufacturing, some companies might use off-shore manufacturers in order to keep overhead down. Horror stories abound of itchiness and rashes caused by some anti-wrinkle pads. The sanitary conditions of some of these manufacturing plants may cause long term skin conditions.

SilcSkin anti-wrinkle pads are manufactured here in the United States of America. They are made according to exacting specifications and have been thoroughly tested to ensure that there are no side effects that may arise from the use of our pads. AND not only the actual pads, but the packaging, the storage trays and the instructional booklets are all manufactured right here in Los Angeles.

Our SilcSKin Anti-Wrinkle pads are made out of 100% Medical Grade Silicone.

According to Camille Calvet, CEO of SilcSkin, anyone using untested products on their skin needs to be careful. “All our manufacturing is done locally, here in Los Angeles. We’ve found that outsourcing our manufacturing to anyone other than our local facility has compromised the quality we have been able to maintain. With local vendors, we are constantly monitoring the manufacturing and packaging process at the source, ensuring that all our pads are manufactured to the highest standards and packaged in a sterile environment. Our pads are thicker, comfortable to wear, and we use a more expensive platinum curing process. Our commitment to quality means that our loyal customers will have the best products available to them in order to achieve optimum results.”