SilcSkin Full Face Set

Full Face Set

Made in the USA.


Our Full Face Set contains 1 brow pad, 4 Eye Pads and 2 Multi-Area Pads that work together to help reduce the appearance of unsightly wrinkles on your face. Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, our pads are developed using a platinum curing process which means they’re stronger and longer lasting. Our anti-wrinkle pads are made in the U.S.A under sterile lab conditions and are reusable.

Dermatologist ApprovedClinically TestedPlatinum Curing ProcessHypoallergenic Product

How to Use
Prepare your skin.
Wash your skin with a non-oily facial cleanser. Our Silcskin Cleanser works very well. Dry skin thoroughly.
Remove the backing from the pad.
Remove the pad from its backing.
Apply to the desired area.
Apply the pad to the desired area. Press down on the pad to smooth out the wrinkles underneath. For best results, wear the pad overnight.
Remove the pads slowly in an outward motion
In the morning, remove the pads slowly in an outward motion.