Cold Water & Skin


If you’re like most people, you’re probably showering in warm to hot water. Hot water is more comforting and relaxing than cold water. But what’s really better for your skin?

While hot water is great for relieving stress and for warming you up if you’re cold, you may want to see the benefits of cold water. Warm water opens up pores while cold water closes them. If you have dry skin, hot water can further dry out your skin by stripping the natural oils from your skin, making it hard for your skin to stay hydrated and plump. Your skin can also become irritated and itchy, disrupting your skin’s natural moisture balance. 

Cold water can be beneficial for dry skin. It can also improve circulation, increase endorphins and speed up metabolism. Regular use of cold water can help with rosacea. Using cold water can cause the small blood vessels in your skin to constrict, resulting in less puffiness. Cold water helps the skin achieve that healthy glow, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping you achieve that smooth soft skin. When you take a shower in cold water, your blood circulation increases, increasing the heath of your skin. Taking a cold shower can induce good sleep and can help with any sleep disorders you may have. If it’s too hard to make the transition to cold water right away, try using room temperature water. You can also cleanse your skin with your go-to-cleanser (we suggest the SilcSkin Cleanser) and lukewarm water to thoroughly wash away traces of makeup, dirt and daily grime. Once your skin is clean, finish with a splash of cold water.