Winterize Your Skin


Winter’s around the corner. And so is dry, irritated skin. The cold weather, wind, and low humidity can strip the skin’s natural protective barrier, allowing moisture to escape and letting irritants enter. This dry, cold environment can also lead to itchiness and inflammatory skin issues like eczema, ichthyosis, and psoriasis. It all sounds pretty bleak, but don’t be alarmed. There are things you can do to prevent or alleviate these symptoms.

First, now that businesses are opening up and you’ll be going outside more frequently, use a good sunblock. While there is less UVB around the winter months, levels of UVA are still pretty significant enough to wreak havoc on the skin. Use a sunscreen lotion that’s SPF50 or higher.

Keep hydrated. We seem to forget to hydrate in the colder months. In the summer, our bodies let us know that we need water. During winter, the lack of heat tricks us into believing that we can get by without drinking a lot of water. Our skin gets drier and more sensitive with the onset of winter. So make sure you drink enough water and keep your skin hydrated.

Get that facial. Regular facial treatments will help keep your skin hydrated. Opt for a superficial peel or exfoliating treatment to slough off the dead skin cells and allow better absorption of the treatment. A facial every month will help keep your skin clear and hydrated while supporting your everyday skincare regime.

Sensitive skin needs extra attention. If you have sensitive skin, you may experience a colder sensation than other people. Everyone’s sensitivity levels are different. Using a moisturizer with skin calming ingredients can have a positive effect.

Use a moisturizer that works effectively on your skin. It’s important after your showers to use a moisturizer that works effectively during cold weather periods. A moisturizing cream is better than a lotion. Cream tends to be thicker and longer-lasting. Cetaphil makes a cream that’s smooth and thick and goes on well. It tends to stay “wet” on your skin, but during the winter months, this becomes highly beneficial. Don’t forget to use a cream on your hands as well. SilcSkin’s Hand & Body Treatment will help keep fine lines and crepey skin that develop on your hands away. Use a moisturizer after using the Hand & Body Treatment.

Hydrate when bathing. If you have skin that’s irritated or you have eczema, use a good quality bath oil. Being in the water that contains bath oils will help keep your skin tender and hydrated.

Avoid harsh cleansers. Cleansers that contain drying ingredients, such as fragrances and additives, should be discontinued. Instead, opt for ingredients like chamomile or oatmeal. SilcSkin’s Cleanser is gentle on your skin but powerful enough to get rid of stubborn waterproof makeup.

Make sure your diet is on. There’s a direct relationship between food and your skin. Eating junk food and using alcohol can give your unhealthy-looking skin while eating a diet rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals will lead to better-looking skin. Nuts, olive oil, salmon, avocados, eggs, and lean meats can put the spring back into your skin. Avoid alcohol. Besides the sugars being unhealthy for you, alcohol can dry out your skin.

Put together a skincare routine you’ll find easy to use daily. Stick to a healthy diet, and allow one day a month to eat whatever you want for one meal. Stay healthy and hydrated, and you’ll be on your way to a smooth-skinned Spring.