Beat Those Dry Winter Blues


Winter’s around the corner, and you can bet that there are some cities out there where winter weather is blowing in full effect. And as you know by now, with winter comes that dreaded dry skin. This is when your skin feels flaky and starts to itch — gets red and delicate and makes you feel like you want to stay indoors all winter. Well, a few guided steps can help you make the most of this cold and blustery time of year.


1. Stop showers using really hot water. It’s easy to get carried away using overly hot water. If the home is cold, or if the bathroom doesn’t have a heater, you may feel that the best way to get warm is that really hot shower! Well, if you value your skin being moist and smooth, you may want to rethink using blazing hot water. Excessive hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin which in turn dehydrates your skin, leaving it flaky and itchy. Opt for warm water instead, and shortening the time you spend in the water. 

2. Use a really good moisturizer. We’ve noted this before in our blog articles, and it can’t be over stressed. Use a really good moisturizer — one that does not necessarily have more oil in it but something more emollient. Skin Smoothing Cream or Intensive Moisture Balance are good choices. Add Skin Hydrating Booster to increase hydration without adding more oil. What works for you during the summer may not be the right choice in winter, so you will need to figure out what works the best for you depending on the season and weather.


3. Plug in your humidifier. Your HVAC system blasts hot dry air throughout the house, and may not be the best solution for the winter months. Try using a humidifier to add moisture back into the air. Place small humidifiers throughout the house, or at the least, place one in your bedroom and turn it on before going to sleep so you can get continuous positive effects of the added moisture throughout your sleep cycle.

4. Find the right peel. If your skin is dry, avoid using harsh peels, masks and alcohol based toners or astringents (Calamine lotion, for instance). all these strip the vital oils from your skin. Use a mild foaming cleanser or a toner that does not contain alcohol. Avoid clay based face masks which tend to draw out moisture. Try a sea kelp or ginseng all over mask which adds moisture and also infuses your skin with antioxidants.


5. Increase your intake of water. Limit the amount of caffeine and alcohol which can cause drying out of your skin. And when you go out, don’t forget to use some sunscreen. Even though you’re unlikely to get a sunburn in December, those UVA rays can still cause cancer and premature aging.