Get That Glowing Skin!


That healthy glow that emanates from your skin is priceless. No matter what your age, healthy glowing skin is irresistible and getting it is all lifestyle based. Numerous factors go into making everything work, from diet, supplements and skin care treatments. Let’s start:


Old dead skin cells can make the skin look dull and lifeless. Getting rid of that layer of dead skin cells is a great way to start your treatment. There are two types of exfoliants: chemical and physical. Chemical exfoliants are substances like glycolic or lactic acids to get rid of stubborn cells. Physical exfoliants are scrubs which get rid of old cells using minimal force and a gritty substance such as a wash solution. Chemical exfoliants are good because unlike the physical exfoliant, they are not damaging to the skin. There is a tendency to overscrub, which can lead to skin irritation. 

Keep those damaging UV rays from your skin by keeping away from sun exposure. Sunscreen is the way to go to make sure that you’re on your way to healthy, glowing skin.


Collagen is the life blood of healthy, smooth looking skin. Boost your body’s collagen production by taking some in. Notable sources are bone broth, vitamins and collagen supplements.

Moisturizer is essential! Without it, your skin gets dry and listless. An oil-free solution such as ones containing hyaluronic acid can help to reduce sebum (an oily substance produced by the body’s sebaceous glands that helps moisturize and protect your skin. Too much however can leave your skin looking oily) production and provide that sleek glow. If you have overtly dry skin, use a ceramide moisturizer that contains lineoleic acid like argan oil. 

Watermelon and tomatoes are rich in lycopene (an antioxidant that protects against cell damage) and help reduce damage and redness caused by sun exposure. Berries — especially raspberries — are also a powerful anti-aging food that’s readily available. They contain ellagic acid which helps keep the skin plump and beautiful. Use them as a face mask by mashing a handful with a tablespoon of honey and apply for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Raw unsalted nuts have awesome skin rejuvenating properties as well. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which can increase skin elasticity. Walnuts are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and help lower inflammation and decrease breakouts. Macadamia nuts which contain high quality oils and fatty acids that aid in skin repair and rejuvenation are great for glowing skin.


Vitamin C can help brighten up dark spot and general pigmentation issues by interfering with the development of pigmentation. With regular use and time, you can help tame those dark spots. Apply vitamin C topically — just a few drops before you moisturize will do. 

Keep these treatments going at a regular pace. It takes time, patience and proper use of the treatments to achieve results, but those results are worth it.