How Cleansers Help

Skin cleansers should be part of a regular wrinkle removing procedure. Cleansers help keep skin clean by removing dirt, sweat, excess oils, cosmetic residue, dead skin cells, germs and any pollutants that come in contact with your skin. While simple to use, not everyone knows what type of cleanser they need, or even how they’re used properly.

First of all, when cleansing the skin, the aim is to remove offending dirt and sebum without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Over cleaning however can make the skin dry and will actually cause the oil producing sebaceous glands to produce more oils. The point of using a cleanser is to clean the skin gently. So anything harsh and powerful is detrimental. 


Here are some tips to getting the best results out of cleansing:

Take your time: Many people go through the motions of cleaning in order to get it done and over with. Slow down and allow the cleanser to work into the skin to break up the oils and sebum. Cleansers will lift the dirt out of pores but only if you allow it time to grab the dirt. Also go slow to make sure you cover the entire surface.

Clean your hands before applying: Wash your hands first! Don’t transfer that dirt and bacteria to other areas of your body, especially your face.

Use a cleanser that’s formulated for your skin type: Skin tends to get oiler in the summer and drys out in the winter, though some people tend to have oiler skin year round while others stay neutral. Choose a cleanser that targets your skin type.

Over cleansing: Sensitivity, inflammation and skin irritation can occur if your cleansing routine occurs too frequently or too aggressively. What is commonly diagnosed as a certain skin condition may simply be the result of over cleansing.

Remove your make up before cleansing: If you wear make up, it will need to be removed before you can actually cleanse your face. Cleansing alone will not remove that mascara, foundation and concealer. Also remove sunscreen or lotions before cleansing. 

There are many types of cleansers on the market and sometimes you may have to experiment a little to find the one or ones you feel are going to work the best on your skin.

Gel Cleansers: Clear and have a gel-like consistency. Designed for deep cleansing, they’re most effective at decongesting clogged pores, killing bacteria and removing excess oils. Ideal for oily skin.

Cream Cleansers: Thick, creamy and containing botanical oils that gently cleanse your skin without removing its natural oils. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Oil Cleansers: An oil cleanser is a gentle way of getting rid of pore-clogging debris without drying out your skin. Ideal for most skin types.

Powder Cleansers: Dry, powder based cleanser that forms into a thick creamy consistency when mixed with water. Powder cleansers provide exfoliation while gently cleansing your skin. Ideal for oily and sensitive skin.


Cleansing Cloths and Sponges: Cleansing cloths and sponges are made with special fibers that thoroughly remove impurities. They also do a great job of exfoliating the skin. Ideal for oily skin.

SilcSkin Cleanser: Our Cleanser is designed to encourage exfoliation and helps to remove dead skin cells and debri that may prevent the SilcSkin anti-wrinkle pads from performing at their maximum level. Our cleanser does not contain any alcohol and is gentle on the skin and does not dry it out. It’s hypo-allergenic and also extremely clean-rinsing and won’t leave any residue behind, which is important when prepping the skin for the pads. To use, wet the area where you want to cleanse with lukewarm water. Pump out a pearl size drop on your skin and work your fingertips in a circular motion, gently. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry with a soft towel. 


Our anti-wrinkle pads can also be washed occasionally to remove exfoliated skin cells and any other debris that may interfere with the adhesive quality of the pad. Wet the pad with lukewarm water and pump a pearl size amount of cleanser onto the pad. Work into a lather and rub briskly to remove any debris. Rinse well with lukewarm water. Allow pad to air dry face up on the storage tray in a clean location. The pad may also be dried with a blow dryer. Once dry, place face down on tray and return to package. 

Cleansing should be done twice a day for optimum results. Try to develop a routine just like you have with brushing your teeth or caring for your hair. Doing so will help keep your skin looking healthier longer, which in turn will help you look great and feel amazing!

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