Brand New Hand Treatment!


Have you been looking at your hands lately and noticing the crepy skin and fine lines? Wondering what you can do about it, knowing that every time you go out your hands are right there in full view? Well, wonder no more! At SilcSkin, we’ve been hard at work developing an easy to use, non invasive hand treatment that will help get rid of those wrinkles. After two years in development and testing, we’re really proud and excited to introduce our Hand Treatment for crepy and wrinkled hands.


Our Hand Treatment uses the same technology as the rest of our product line — the Decollette Pad, Multi-Area Pads, The Facial Pads, The Collette Pad and the Eye Pad. The solution in our Hand Treatment is made using 100% medical grade silicone and when applied to the skin, electro static energy provided by the solution improves the collagen structure and creates increased blood flow, which improves the skin tone. Our Hand Treatment treats the wrinkles as if they were scars, pulling the skin’s natural moisture to the surface, hydrating the skin.

Our Hand Treatment is a medical grade dimethicone, which provides a protective cover for the skin, keeping moisture in and leaving the skin hydrated for longer. It’s also non-comedogenic and non-irritating. Our Hand Treatment is made exclusively in the U.S.A to exacting specifications. All manufacturing is done locally and we’re constantly monitoring the development and packaging process to ensure that our solution is made to the highest standards.


To use our Hand Treatment, simply squeeze a pearl size amount onto the problem area and rub gently in circular motions until it’s absorbed into the skin. You can apply it every six hours for maximum results.