How Camille Calvet Stays Sane!


Dealing with life’s challenges can sometimes end up being rewarding. Just ask Camille Calvet, entreprenuer, mom, wife and all around support group for her family and friends. For Camille, who’s had her own share of challenges, “…it’s the things that we do between everything else that helps us handle stress and those times that life throws us curveballs.

When Camille Calvet started SilcSkin, she went through the headaches and frustrations that a new venture can bring. Persistence paid off for her though but now the challenges manifest in different ways. Sometimes it’s technical issues, such as a server update that slows down work flow, or a testing issue at one of the facilities that makes her products. Or it may be a simple everyday thing every mom goes through like a child slipping and falling on the playground. In Camille’s case, it could also be something a little more serious. Her daughter — who’s 10 years old — has Celiac disease, and needs to keep a strict eye on the types of foods she can eat. If the food contains gluten, the outcome could be damage to her small intestine. So this means continuously teaching her about the types of foods she can eat, what to look out for, how to read food labels, etc.

So besides the everyday routine of business meetings, product testing, marketing, product shows, paying bills, school, meal preparations, baseball games, gymnastics, Cub Scouts, swimming, alter servings, dance lessons, homework, outings, taking care of 2 dogs and a cat, and a host of other “life” things, there comes a need for personal space and decompression of sorts. So what does Camille do?:


I like to go for 2-3 miles walks 2 times a week in the morning at a local park. On the weekends, I like to hike with my daughter. Our favorite place is Franklin Canyon Park. There’s a pond that has about 100 turtles in it and the upper reservoir has many animals like fish and frogs.  We also like to go to the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife preserve.


And when we go up to San Inez, there’s a lot of hiking areas there as well. Our weekend hikes are all about finding “treasures.” How many animals and birds we see, what plants and trees we can name, and so on. And we’re always on the lookout for Wishing rocks!  I’ve been collecting them since I was a little girl.  I also collect large rocks from every place we go to on vacation or when camping. I can look at our rock garden and say, ‘We got that in Big Sur, and that one in Moab, and that one in Sierra Nevada.’”



“I do my twice weekly 2-3 mile walks and then try to fit in at least 1/2 hour workout at home the other 3 days. I’ve been doing Beachbody P903 which has several workouts that focus on different body parts but mainly I do core, arms and legs. They have an intense yoga and pilates workout as well.”



“I’ve used predominately organic food since my twins were born. I made all of their baby food from organic produce and fruits and meats. They both love vegetables and salad. Their Dad makes a great “Garbage” salad that we live for!  He takes all of the vegetables, cheese, left over chicken or what ever is in the fridge and makes a chopped salad and serves it with parmesan cheese bread.

I limit the red meat to once a week or once every two weeks. I don’t eat it myself. Chicken or turkey maybe twice a week and the rest vegetarian. I read Gluten Free, Vegetarian times, Bon Appetit and others, and am constantly trying new dishes. I have my in-laws over for Sunday dinner every week and try all my new recipes on them, hit or miss!


My daughter has celiac disease, so she is really involved with cooking. I want her to be able to learn how not to cross contaminate her meals and I’m teaching her how to read ingredients and know what has gluten in it. She did a mission project last year.  A gluten free Mission Kitchen cookbook. I had her make everyone of the dishes and her corn pudding was a big hit at her school. So she makes it every Thanksgiving and Christmas . My son is not so interested in cooking but pours a mean bowl of cereal.

We’re also in the middle of a remodel of our house, so we’ve been relegated to living in the garage, with no air conditioning in the SoCal heat! It could be frustrating, but it’s acutally pretty fun! We still make Sunday dinners together!”


In spite of a demanding schedule, Camille still wishes she had time sometimes to just relax and read. “I keep downloading books to my Kindle app with the best intentions, but I haven’t read any yet!” 

Sometimes though, it’s that constant whirlwind of activity that keeps us on our toes. Stressful, yes. But also rewarding!