35 Life Lessons!


Ever thought about all the lessons life has tried to teach you? All the ups and downs, and oops and ah!.. moments that reach you daily, weekly, monthly that sometimes get noticed and sometimes get lost? We recently sat down and tried to compile a list and realized that while some mantras are easy to pin and learn from, others are just ‘teachable moments’ that are likely to escape us if we don’t take note.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s why it’s called small stuff. Unless it’s a dropped safety pin or needle – or a choking hazard – and you have a small child nearby, then sweat until you find it and remove it.

Don’t wait until you have a problem to solve it. Anticipate.

Don’t procrastinate.

Try saying yes more times than you say no. It will lead to a more full life.

You always have a second chance at a happy childhood. Except, round 2 is up to you.

Wear an earpiece or use your bluetooth in the car when driving and talking on the phone, and never text and drive.


Practice empathy. Practice, practice, practice.

Dance.Whether you’re alone or sharing the moment, when that song you love comes on… just move your body. Whether it’s tapping your fingers or toes, shaking your hips, or moving your whole body to the beat… feel the music.

Lay on the ground and look up at the stars. Realize how small you are. Perspective is a great thing.

Look both ways when crossing the street.

Hold your child’s hand for as long as you can. One day they won’t want to anymore and you’ll really miss it.

Cuddle with your child whenever possible, even if it means missing something on tv, falling asleep with them in their bed and not getting your work done or simply hugging after an argument (even if you/they’re still kinda mad). It makes a greater impact than you realize and nothing is more healing than a parent’s touch.

If you think you missed the boat, build your own boat and get there anyway. Someone built that first boat, right?

Take the time to talk to the people that you see all the time but don’t really know. The cashier at the grocery store, your neighbor from the other street who walks his dog by your house every day, the parent who is waiting at the classroom when you are… the list is long, the opportunities for kindness, laughter and wisdom are limitless.

Clear the clutter. Out of your home and your relationships.

Cook. For yourself and for others… it grounds you. (No pun intended)

Laugh. A lot. It’s good for you.

Try new things. Life should be full of experiences, and liking new experiences should have nothing to do with having new experiences.

When the airline has lost your baggage but tells you it’s ‘coming tomorrow’, don’t let it stop you from touring Rome every day in the sweltering heat or taking pictures of yourself at the Trevi Fountain in the same clothes you wore the past 5 days. It’ll be the vacation you remember your whole life.

Delete old emails. Just sit down and do it.

When your friend wants you to join her in the watermelon eating contest, do it. Friends don’t let friends have fun alone or act silly alone.

Exercise: your brain, your body, your soul. Not so much your mouth.

Be a good listener.

Forgive. If you can’t, then forget. If you can’t, then just stay away. Keep the negativity out of your life, and out of your heart.

Build a snowman – go all out. Your inner child will be grateful.

Don’t tell your child how to build their snowman… don’t interfere with their vision and don’t judge the result. They’re not interviewing for a job and really, it doesn’t matter what you think of it. The only opinion that counts is the smile on your child’s face and the joy in their heart. Stand back and enjoy their moment with them.

Read. (books)

Earnestly try to learn a new language. You’ll realize what an accomplishment it is if you succeed, and if you fail you’ll have more empathy for those who are in your country and struggling with your language.

Volunteer. Give your time and give your self.

Don’t judge. You have no idea what someone else is going through. (Not even the guy in the car who cut you off. Let it go.)

Take the time and make the effort to show up for your friends. BE a good friend.

Don’t think it’s the end of the road just because it’s the end of the moment.


Create a new moment on your terms.  (Start now.)