Eliminate Resolutions, Embrace Themes!


The new year is now a few weeks underway, as are the new year ‘resolutions’ of many millions of people. The tiny threads of patience, determination and motivation are beginning to get tested.  Unfortunately, most resolutions – though well-intended – are overly ambitious and too specific, which is why an overwhelming majority fail.  So instead of adding another failure point in your life, why not set yourself up with a new year success story?  Instead of creating a ‘resolution’, how about creating a ‘theme’ for the year?  You can reframe and expand your ‘resolution’ to make it actually fit your lifestyle and by doing so, show your brain that you CAN succeed so you don’t hear anymore “can’ts” coming from it.

Here are a few twists on the most commonly broken resolutions:

‘Exercise more’, ‘go to the gym’, ‘work out’: these are all geared to leading a healthier lifestyle and/or shedding some unwanted pounds.  But if you don’t actually GO to the gym or exercise more (which is far too vague a resolution), then you are going to give up sooner than later and, to make matters worse, you may even quit trying after telling yourself you’ve already ‘failed’.  If you reframe your goal and give yourself a theme of a ‘healthier lifestyle’ you can hit it successfully every day in one way or another.  For example, if you can’t make it to the gym, take a quick brisk walk around the neighborhood instead. Keep a series of ‘back up’ exercises at home (think: jump rope, yoga dvd, balance ball) and try to keep the calories in / calories out.  Overall, you’ll feel better about your daily choices and you won’t feel like you’ve failed by missing the gym. You’ll stay motivated and on track!

This theme will also help those who have ‘go on a diet’ or ‘lose weight’ on their resolution list.  It’s not about the number of pounds you lose, it’s about losing the pounds and feeling better enough about your lifestyle change to keep the pounds off.  So make the daily changes, tbut don’t deprive yourself of your little pleasures that make you happy at the end of the day.  Instead, find ways to incorporate more healthy living – whether through exercise, trimmed calories, or better choices at the grocery store. There is always a way every day to be successful: Download an app that keeps you accountable and aware of your calorie intake; or one that tracks the number of steps you take per day. Find a friend to take walks with or a class at the gym that you like enough to not miss;  Try a new Groupon for a pilates class or a bootcamp session. Replace your snack with an apple, buy that low cal dressing and take the dog for a longer walk than usual. You’ll be making choices toward a healthier lifestyle. It’s those little decisions that will keep you feeling good and avoiding failure.

If you want to take the ‘theme’ idea and expand it to encompass more areas of your life, try something that is, in itself, more pervasive.  If you wish you were more outgoing or adventurous, make your theme simply ‘yes’: try saying ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’ to opportunities when they arise.  If you notice you’ve been glued to your phone or computer when in the company of friends or your kids, set a theme to be more ‘present’.  And if you really want to find success this year, replace “I can’t” with “I won’t” or “I don’t.”  Take control of your situation and your choices. Empower yourself to know that it’s not that you ‘can’t’ do something, it’s that you don’t or won’t allow obstacles.

No matter what your theme this year, if you maintain it on some level on a daily basis, you will feel better about yourself.  You will feel better about your choices and you’ll feel motivated without those failure points there to discourage you.  On top of it all, you’ll stay on track and be more likely than ever to change the way you do and see things.  Another daily ritual you can pick up is to apply your SilcSkin décolleté and/or facial pads each night before bed.  Wear them while you sleep and you’ll wake up to smoother skin with visibly reduced fine lines and less wrinkles.  Whether your theme for the year has to do with diet, exercise or fearlessness, SilcSkin pads fit right in.  They are affordable, they work, and they make you look younger and ultimately feel better.  We can get the ball rolling – we’ll do the work overnight so you wake up energized by your more youthful appearance and ready to take on the day.  Change the way you do things because you know it will improve the way you live your life, and you’ll find that what started as a ‘theme’ for the year has become what you do to look and feel your best.  Know that you can do it, and know that you deserve it.  We support you and we can’t wait to hear about your choices!