Stop Drying Out!


In the next several weeks (yes, I said weeks) we will have the holidays upon us and the to-do lists will pile up, as they seem to do every year despite our most valiant efforts to keep ourselves organized and ahead of the game.  We will find less time to get to our own needs and our days will be filled with how to help others, shop for others and cook and bake for others.  In the midst of it all, we will forget to take care of ourselves.  We will have less sleep, less to eat and less time for any sort of pampering, even if we were to remember.  So with winter and dry weather fast approaching, maybe what we need to do is remember the little basic things that we can do for ourselves, like, say, putting on moisturizer.  It may be little and seem insignificant, but it may end up being the only thing and the best thing we do.

As the weather gets cooler and the air gets more dry, our skin loses so much more moisture than in other months.  Using a good quality moisturizer that is best suited for your skin type is the perfect start to keeping your skin healthy.  Dehydrated skin develops wrinkles and fine lines and is less likely to heal itself.  Add in the negative effects of the sun and the natural aging process, and your skin is going to have a battle that’s hard to win.  The benefit of moisturizers, especially in winter months, are plentiful: they lend a youthful glow to dry skin by keeping it nourished and hydrated, they reduce the chances of premature aging as well as damage from pollutants, they boost the skin’s defense system, and they can aid in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles that come from lack of moisture and elasticity in the skin.

When choosing a moisturizer, we need to remember that not all moisturizers are made the same or have the same ingredients.  For one thing, it is very important to not use body moisturizers on the face as they usually contain pore clogging ingredients (and sometimes fragrances) that will irritate facial skin and cause blemishes and breakouts.  Also, it’s important to be aware of your skin type – whether you have oily, dry or combination skin – as there are several ingredients available that are specific in aiding those skin types.  For example, chapped, flaky skin, or skin with a dull or tight appearance is dry skin.  Moisturizers that contain chamomile, jojoba oil, sea kelp, glycerin or shea or cocoa butters are best suited to treat this type of skin as they hydrate well.  If skin appears shiny or if there is a trace of oily residue on a tissue when skin is wiped clean, that is oily skin.  Oily skin is a result of excessive production of sebum in the skin which can lead to blemishes and clogged pores.  Products with carrot, papaya or blackcurrant can be beneficial for this skin type.  Combination skin, which is the most common skin type, consists of both dry (usually the cheeks and neck) and oily (everywhere else) areas.  Moisturizer infused with chamomile, green tea and aloe vera can calm the skin and balance out the oily and dry patches.  In all cases, there are some moisturizers that also contain vitamin E which smoothes and protects skin and helps in cellular regeneration, and some that contain vitamin C which can improve skin elasticity and the production of collagen.

We also need to be aware of the potentially harmful ingredients that can be found in skin moisturizers.  Particularly, petroleum products like paraffin and mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate (it’s transdermal and a potential carcinogen), alcohols, dioxane (also a potential carcinogen), phenol carbolic acid (potentially very dangerous to overall health), acrylamide (linked to mammary tumors), parabens and artificial fragrance can all be found in various moisturizers.  Parabens, which are a widely used preservative in all kinds of skin care and cosmetic lines have shown to disrupt the body’s hormonal balance and also adversely affect the adrenal system.  A few recent studies have also linked parabens to cancer, although the evidence is inconclusive and requires more research – however consumers are taking heed and companies are already producing ‘paraben-free’ products.  The bottom line though, is that it is important to protect your skin and be aware of what is in the products you buy: make sure you always read the labels.

So, our tip to you before we delve too deeply into the winter months:  Use a great, safe moisturizer specific to your skin type during the day to maintain your skin’s integrity, and at night use SilcSkin facial pads for your face and décolleté pads for your chest to stop and reverse the damage of dehydrated and time-tested skin.  Our pads are made of 100% medical grade silicone, which has effective skin smoothing properties and which, when worn, draws the skin’s moisture to the surface in order to hydrate and heal.  Our pads have no harmful additives and are completely non-invasive.  Compare that to wrinkle reducing injectables which costs significantly more – both in time and money.  Apply the pads after makeup and daily moisturizers have been washed off so they can work on clean skin and therefore be most effective.  No additional moisturizers or overnight creams necessary – our pads will give you the healthier, younger looking skin you are looking for.  Just let them do the work while you sleep.  Wear them overnight to reverse the damage that gravity and time wreaks, and wake up to less fine lines and wrinkles and a more youthful appearance.  It won’t take up your time, it won’t put a dent in the budget, but it will make you look and feel like you have been pampering yourself.   Because, well, actually, in a very smart way, you have.