Back To School With Less Stress?


Schools have begun, kids are out of the house, and the busy but joyful days of summer are behind us.  For some, the daily grind of work is a welcome alternative to a houseful of children who need entertaining while, to others, there is a sadness in leaving behind the memories that summers are made of.  However, most all of us are out of practice when it comes to getting the kids ready for school, dealing with homework and getting back to that earlier bedtime.  The thing is, the better we organize our ‘daily’ selves, the more smoothly the day will run, the easier the chores will feel, and the less stress we will feel.  Back-to-school with less stress? Not possible, you say?  Let’s at least try… if for no reason other than we don’t want more stress-induced wrinkles. 
First, let’s tell our kids how exciting it is to go back to school and show them the enthusiasm we want them to feel. There’s nothing worse than a child who mopes around the house lamenting school hours and dreading the morning wake up and countless hours of homework. We get it, but the more positive and excited we are about the new school year, the more likely that our children will feel it themselves, too.

Create routines in the morning as well as after school, and once you have the bugs worked out, stick with them. Kids need structure and love knowing what to expect, when. It instills a sense of confidence in them and it empowers them, so something as basic as a routine is the easiest way to nurture confident children.

Morning routines are most effective when night routines are well planned and executed. Lay out clothes for the next day, plan the lunch menu if it’s made at home, and get that backpack ready and waiting by the door. Set the alarm clock (aka Mom or Dad) to wake up the kids at the same time each morning and get the kids to bed at the same time each night. Even 30 minutes later at night can throw a child off in the morning, so make sure they get enough sleep. Remember, sleep heals: it is during overnight sleep hours that our bodies reset themselves, and both adults and children benefit health-wise from adequate sleep. On that note, make sure you get enough sleep, too – our kids need us to be patient and prepared in the mornings just as much as we need them to be compliant and happy. Remember, it IS a two way street and we need to work together to ensure a stress-free morning. (Check out our blog from August for more information about the importance of sleep for adults!)To really drive home a sense of confidence and responsibility, make sure you let your child take part in some aspect of preparing for the next day.  Whether it’s laying out their own clothes, putting together part of their lunch, writing their own name on their lunch bag or setting their own alarm clock, it is important to the overall success of the routine to have the child take command of some part of it.  Ownership of a ‘job’ can help reduce the potential of conflict if the child feels that they have a special part that is all their own.  Empower your child and you’ll see that they will be ready for more responsibility before you know it.

During the day, it is easy to get lost in the plethora of responsibilities that befall all parents, but know that when your child is home and with you, they want, need and will benefit from your attention.  Do your best to put down your phone, stay away from the computer, and designate time specifically for your child.  Maybe it’s lying in bed with them to read a story or sitting around after dinner to talk about what’s going on before rushing off to wash the dishes. Whatever your choose, make sure your kids know they are important and interesting enough for you to want to spend meaningful time with them (even though we all feel we are listening to them and doing things for them all day long anyway).  Giving our children the time they need now will help them become the confident, balanced adults we hope to see in the future.

Amazing how a little thing like a routine can change a child, a home and the stress of a parent!  More sleep, less stress and a happier, more organized home will no doubt ease the progression of wrinkles and fine lines on our faces.  But for all those sleepless nights, last minute homework assignments our kids forgot about, and dinners that didn’t quite turn out the way we expected, at least we know there is a light at the end of our stress tunnel.  SilcSkin’s décolleté and facial pads are exactly the one-stop, easy-shop a busy parent needs.  They’re inexpensive, don’t take up any time, and produce results.  Put them on before you go to bed and take them off when you wake up – your sleeping kids won’t pull them off or ask hundreds of questions. You can wear them in the comfort and privacy of your home, and you don’t need to pay a co-pay or injections at the dermatologist’s office.  For SilcSkin users, that routine you established with your kids for a happier, more efficient home starts with the satisfied smile on your face when you see your wrinkle-free, more youthful reflection in the morning.